"A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution".

-Satoshi Nakamoto.

Peer to peer cash; on the surface, it sounds dull and uninteresting. In reality, it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful inventions in all of human history. If we believe that Money is a universal language and a form of human expression, why is it that most of the world's population has little control over their Money? Why do a few control the Money, often at the expense of the many? Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency empower and bring control of Money back to the individual. This new paradigm offers a path that could pave the way to freedom and prosperity for people in every corner of the globe. A reality with Freedom of Money has never been more possible and attainable.

Our mission: support the Freedom of Money movement with small business, awareness, education, and genuine conversation. Join the Freedom of Money mission, and keep yourself fueled with some damn good coffee on the way.



Here at HODL FUEL, we aim to serve you the best coffee in Crypto. We have joined forces with one of the most experienced coffee roasters in the United States to offer a truly unique coffee experience. Not only do you get quality beans from some of the most well-renowned coffee origins around the world (Colombia, Uganda, Honduras), it is freshly roasted and conveniently shipped to your door.  Often, coffee in grocery stores is weeks or even months old.  You work hard for your money.  Why spend it on something that’s sub-par?

HODL FUEL allows you to select a roast level and grind size that’s most appropriate for your brewing method, getting you as close to damn good as we can get you. Support Cryptocurrency. Embrace freedom. Spread awareness.

Drink coffee from HODL FUEL.

Coffee & Crypto

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain represent a technological revolution that has the potential to bring peace, prosperity and freedom to people at all corners of the globe in an unprecedented way.

Here at HODL FUEL, we want to help start the Crypto conversation in a fun way, all while providing a quality, freshly roasted cup of coffee. Let’s move forward and make the world a better place together. Start the Crypto conversation, one cup at a time.

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