Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool
Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool
Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool
Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool
Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool

Medelco Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool

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Brand: Recycle A Cup

Color: Gray


  • K-Cup pods are not recyclable when they are intact and are extremely difficult to separate manually
  • 20 billion single serve coffee pods end up in landfills annually due to the difficulty of recycling them
  • Recycle A Cup is the only alternative to manually separating K-Cups allowing each component to be properly recycled
  • In less than 10 Seconds Recycle A Cup allows you to separate K-Cup plastic pods from the filters and grounds
  • You can help prevent billions of K-Cup pods from going into landfills, one pod at a time, with the Recycle A Cup K-Cup cutting tool

Publisher: Recycle A Cup

Details: "Medelco is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on developing and distributing innovative products. For 40 years Medelco has brought innovation and sustainability to kitchens across the country. Medelco has a broad based product line focused on creating useful, universal, high-quality, low cost products. Medelco's vision has always included strong ties to sustainability with reusable coffee filters, biodegradable coffee machine cleaners and now Recycle A Cup. Every year more than 20 billion single serve coffee pods are used creating enough waste to circle the globe 12 times. Due to the difficulty of separating the plastic K-Cup from the filter most of these K-Cups will end up in landfills. Medelco identified this issue and decided there had to be a solution. After much trial and error the Recycle A Cup was created. The Recycle A Cup separates the K-Cup pod plastic from the coffee filters and grounds in three easy and quick steps: Step 1) Allow the K-Cup pod to cool and Load the pod into the cutter Step 2) Press both green buttons and Twist the Pod 360 Step 3) Separate the plastic from the filter Once separated you can recycle the plastic pod, recycle the aluminum top and compost the coffee grounds ensuring no waste enters a landfill. It is that simple, in less than 10 seconds you can be a part of a movement helping keep tons of plastic out of landfills. Medelco knows that not every town accepts #5-#7 plastic, the type of plastic the K-Cup pods are made of. This is why Medelco invites you to ship your separated pod plastic back to them if your local facility cannot recycle them. Medelco will ensure the plastic is recycled properly. There are also plenty of uses for your used coffee grounds from composting to making skin exfoliants. Please see the Video above to learn more about the Recycle A Cup K-Cup recycling tool. "

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Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches

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